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Roofing & Repairs 101

You would not believe how vital roof maintenance is, especially around the winter. Proper upkeep of your home's exterior will literally decide if your roof can survive a storm or not. Thousands of dollars can be saved if you take the time out to care for your roofing system and gutters. This upkeep will be the decision maker and decide whether you will have roofing leaks and water damage when it rains. So what happens if you do get damage? There are many companies today that focus on repairing roofing. In the event that you had storm damage you should not believe every contractor that tells you to purchase a new roof. You should get second and third opinions to really validate that a new roof is your only option. This is a great way to save money. Repairing costs a fraction of what installing costs. Companies like Roof Savers Long Island have created a business model around "saving roofing". South Shore Roofing has learned many incredible tactic when it comes to roof repair by networking with the roof savers. As you can see there are a lot of factors to consider before deciding to get a need roof or continue with your existing one. This is why consulting with professionals that you can trust is so important. Siding and gutters are also very vulnerable as was witnessed during hurricane Sandy. When it comes to home exterior & gutter repair you will also need to decide if it's worth repairing. So first you must do the proper research and find a handful of local contractors that you can trust. Then, you need to call all of them up and request estimate's from the roof repair contractor. You may ask yourself how in the world some contractors are giving me estimate of repairs and some demanding that I purchase a new roof. The answer really lies in the contractor's ability to use membranes. Membranes are like fancy glue for your home's exterior. The only way to build up the strength of the roof so that it won't leak is with these membranes. If you still cannot answer the question of what are roofing membranes I will try to explain it even further. Roofing systems have connection points that can crack. In addition, the individual pieces often crack as well. The only way to avoid these cracks from causing leaking is to seal them with membranes. We also want to remind you to not try to be too handy. DIY or do it yourself maintenance is not always effective. You may think you are really handy, but the damage storms can cause is so serious that you really should not take a chance. You must make it clear in your head that certain roof repairs cannot be done yourself. and should not be done yourself. Just remember, just because you called a professional does not mean he knows more than you. That is why you have to shop for the true professional. The true professional contractor will have the knowledge needed to perform the work properly and the integrity to give you an honest quote. In roofing, second opinion seekers win. I know that many homeowners will ignore my advise and decide that they will grab a ladder, climb the siding, and take care of business by themselves. If you are one of those than I highly recommend that you have a few in-home estimate done. This will allow you to regret your decision and hire a pro, or it will at least give you  more insight on how to perform the job properly yourself. Maintaining a roof yourself is hard so the more you know, the better off you will be. Another aggravating issue when you "do it yourself" is that the first half of the job can go really well and the second half can be a nightmare. What happens is that as time goes on you will often not know if your are fixing or damaging your roofing. Then, you will have to call a contractor in at "half-time" and end up spending the same amount that you would have for the complete job. South Shore Roofing takes a lot into consideration as you can tell. Anyone who thinks that contracting is as easy as ABC has a lot to learn. So whether you are in need of some simple repairs, want to design a new roof, or simple have no clue what you need call us today.

Professional Gutter Cleaning Tips For A Healthy Roof

When any part of the house is left untidy or disorderly, it usually creates a sense of chaos that is oftentimes very difficult to tolerate. Along with being a headache to deal with and making the place unsightly, sometimes disorder can even lead to more serious issues and damages that could cost us quite a bit of expense. When talking about the importance of cleaning up around the house, it does not only mean cleaning up inside the house and around the back and front yard. This will also have to include that part of the roof: the gutters. Gutter cleaning is a very important and crucial procedure that every responsible homeowner needs to understand as this prevents the occurrence of more serious roofing issues. Hence, it goes simply without saying: clean your gutters regularly or spend a lot on maintenance and repair costs. Sounds like a simple idea, right? To give you a clearer idea how to clean your gutters like a pro, here are expert gutter cleaning & roofing tips you need to keep in mind:

  1. Inspect – The first, and actually the easiest step you have to make when cleaning your gutters is to inspect and observe its area. First, check for existing roof leaks. Leaks are a clear sign that your gutter may have actually given up and will probably need to be replaced. Once you’ve checked for leaks, check for accumulated debris, water pooling and loose spikes. Doing so will allow you to prepare for what you will need to do after you clean the gutters and know whether or not you need to call experts for help.

  2. Clear the gutters from accumulated debris – Roofing System & gutter cleaning focuses on clearing out any debris or elements that might damage the gutters or clog the downspouts. Clearing the gutters from debris is usually very easy and can often be done by hand; however, for safety purposes it is advised that you use a pair of rubber gloves, a sweeper and dustpan, or a pressure washer for more efficient action.

  3. Check for rusting – Lastly, check for rusting along the gutter, the mid sections and the downspouts. Assess the severity of rust and see if you can remedy them by scraping it off the surface and coating the gutter with fresh paint. If rusting appears to be severs though, it may be best to replace it altogether as it will not function properly in the long run and this could be very hazardous to you as you do regular gutter cleaning. You will need to call the experts for this.

Much like the other parts of the house, your gutter needs your attention too. Gutters, much like the roof, play a very crucial role in protecting our home from natural elements like rain, wind, snow and too much heat. Make your home the king and your roofing system the Queen by giving your gutters some love through regular gutter cleaning. Depending on your area, this can be kept to an easy four times a year or even less. Higher grade gutters like seamless gutters for example can also play an important role in avoiding ice damming. Ice damming occurs when gutters clog up with ice and snow. The ice makes it's way onto sections of the exterior of your home and then leaks into your house. The seamless gutters have no holes in them and can be custom fit. It's a simple equation, a larger gutter that does not have holes means less roof leaks. Less of a potential for leaks means a safer, cleaner, and brighter home.

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